July Physical school / 身体塾7月

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Wed  July  26th

at Sunlife Matsue

Teme:  How to be balanced

7 attndees

We have Q & A session

Q1; What should we eat in this season?

A1;Something bitter like like bitter cucumbers and green peppers and something sour like

vinegar dishes and citras fruits.

In summer the heat dameges our heart and liver.

Bitter food can rejuvenate our heart and sour food can rejuvenate our liver.

Q2;What is the mental function of each organ?

A2;Liver is dameged by explosion and repression of anger and too much responsibility.

Kidney is damaged by anxiety and worry.

When the function of heart weakens ,we can’t control ourselves.

Q3;How can we get a help from the cosmos?

A3;We have to continue for our hundred days the following routine,first ,we should stop

breathing ,write down three wishes without referring to anything,and then start breathing again.

If you succeed in this routine you can get from the cosmos.

Q4;How can we recover from depression by treating our bodies?

A4;For example,when we depressed we can get endorphin,which makes us happy,by lifting up

the corners of the mouth.



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